Monday, 1 March 2010

The BBC and even the press are shameless in the way they spin stories for Labour.

As a patriot I yearn for a Tory government to sort out this mess, but as a realist I would like to see Labour retain this 'poisoned chalice' which would be suffice to consign them to the wilderness - hopefully forever.
The problem is that I would live in terror of what would be left of this once great country because yellow streak Brown is a wolf in sheep's clothing. His handling of the economy during his decade as Chancellor was a disaster. If he is an able economist, surely he must have realised that a boom based on house price inflation and debt was an illusion. Or did he set out to bring this country to its knees in order to bring in full blooded socialism? We already have an alarming increase in rules, regulation and petty bureaucracy which are far more like Communist regimes than western democracies.
Labour has managed to time things so that the really bad consequences of their stewardship of the economy and of much else have yet to come. The one million extra public-sector workers, outreach and diversity officers etc, etc taken on by yellow streak Brown are natural fodder for a Labour vote as are the several million fit and healthy benefit claimants who fear that the 'change' promised by David Cameron could upset their comfortable paid for by us lifestyle. This constituency added to the traditional Labour supporters make a formidable obstacle to a Conservative win.
Taking the very long view it just might be better for Labour to win the coming election so that when the inevitable collapse of our illusory world takes place the authors of our downfall cannot be disputed. If the Conservatives win the downfall is probably still unavoidable but the BBC, the Guardian, the Independent and the rest of the left-wing media will blame it all on the Tories claiming that if only Labour was still in charge we could have continued on our merry way. If you believed that you would believe anything, but as they say 'one is born every minute'.

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