Thursday, 25 March 2010

This the first Budget from the Unite union.

How do these charlatans keep pulling this off? We are in an illegal war; the culture and social fabric of our country is under serious threat; freedom of speech is all but gone; the economy is in dire, dire straits - Labour behave like none of it is their fault, indeed like none of it is happening!
It almost seems like everyone hates the rich. Perhaps they should be taken out and publicly flogged for being well off!
A fundamentally dishonest budget, aimed at stealing the election. Anyone with half a brain knows that there are huge spending cuts/tax increases on the way, but this dishonest budget avoided all details on the cuts and limited its tax increases to "the rich", thus fooling those with less than half a brain and getting a cheer from the old socialist labour party. A last dishonest act from one of the most dishonest governments ever? we can but hope!
Everyone blames everyone else. Everyone thinks anyone earning more than them doesn't deserve it and should be highly taxed. Why don't we all just strive to be better and emulate those who make a success of their lives.
The 1997/8 treasury figures for net government borrowing was 8.6bn that was when this government came to power.
The treasuries figures for government net borrowing in 1998/9 are 96.3bn, which was prior to the international economic downturn.
In other words, without any outside influence, this government had increased our net borrowing by some 88bn, and are telling us they are the best party to get us out of debt, do people actually believe what this government are telling us?
Wake up everyone - these corrupt lying lunatics are taking our nation away from under you - get them the hell out of office - most of them should be in prison for treason.

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