Sunday, 14 March 2010

Bumbling Jack to announce a wholly elected, 300-seat second chamber to replace the Lords .

Anything, but anything to distract attention from the disastrous record of 13 years of booming and busting; 13 years of strutting, stealth-taxation and waste.
If bumbling Straws sole reason for the demolition of the Lords is the abuse of expenses, he should also demolish the House of Commons for the same reason.
The whole point about House of Lords is that it allows the largest stake holders in the UK to share in government, perseveres our civilisation, defends the established church; it was established in blood, checks the Commons, and contains experts.
Labour announces all these plans at the end of term when they can't do anything; then, when they win they can forget about it. How easy would've it have been for labour to announce this in the Queen's speech when they had plans for this years ago but instead they waited until the last second as election tactic that won't even affect snake Mandelson for the next five years. Since this won't relate to the next five years lords will still get off with their expenses because you can't prove they didn't visit their main home once a month.
Bumbling Jack is the one in charge of this and he is the same bumbling Straw that was involved in massive immigration plans. Never trust him part of this plan is to allocate a lot of seats based on ethnicity and gender.

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