Friday, 12 March 2010

I've definitely got an issue with the yellow streak prime minister.

You don't need to be Conservative to support our Generals. The electorate know the truth about this disingenuous yellow streak PM. It is labour's intention now to cover up his short falls not only in character, but financially too.

In Afghanistan our army was hit by a double-whammy; they needed helicopters to get in and out of remote FOBs safely - we didn't have them. If helicopters weren't available the fallback position should have been an armoured vehicle designed to survive an explosion under it - we didn't have them either.
Bottom line; our troops were in third-rate, out-dated, under-armoured vehicles originally designed for use in a civilian riot situation in Northern Ireland facing youths chucking Molotov cocktails or paving stones, not experienced Mujahaddin with an apparently limitless supply of HE and long-years of experience fighting a guerrilla war against the Soviets.
Lord Guthrie is right; when times were good - when yellow streak Brown was showering the NHS and everyone else with money - the MoD should have had their slice of 'extra' to at least start re-equipping and, even better, upgrading.
What actually happened on Des Browne's watch? We argued and haggled about spending £30m out of a contract worth a total £800m on specialised software for helicopters with the result that some of them are still in hangars 7 years later.
Both yellow streak Brown and Browne have blood on their hands.

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