Sunday, 28 February 2010

That is not the fault of the Tories.

Liebore have destroyed the country, the BBC are Liebores machine, the media in general are on Liebores side.
We have a greater number of children living in poverty than when Liebore came to power, our literacy rate is lower since they came to power, we have a more divided society.
Our pensions have been decimated.
Our culture has been wrecked and diluted.
Our freedoms have been curtailed massively, we are less prepared than any other major player to face the financial crisis.
Postal voting was just the start of what Liebore can do to interfere with democracy.
Liebore are fantastic at spinning, talking about initiatives, non-delivery, skulduggery, and generally pinching other peoples ideas. They are also fantastic at destroying other peoples reputations and shifting the focus away from their numerous failures.
I am willing to see what the alternatives are. The media line is not to look at the results, what we already have and what they have done is unacceptable.
The media prefers to spin it that the Tories will be no good at any of it and spread negativity to blind people to the fact that Cameron never said he was perfect.
He has made some idiotic mistakes but he is not the sum total of what the Tories have to offer. It is great sport to keep the public uninformed about what Liebore has done and we do have a poorly informed electorate. That is not the fault of the Tories.

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