Monday, 1 February 2010

What a two faced slimy bastard, this on the day we have a full announcement about Mandy making cuts to uni budgets..... Duplicitous twat.

Every time I hear snake Mandelson I am reminded of Goebels, the Nazi propaganda chief.
Remember the principle. "The bigger the lie, the more will believe it." 0.1% "recovery" is no recovery at all. That will be offset by the closure of a single factory. (Bosch in wales for example) to say nothing of the 10000 job cuts announced in the last week.
I feel really truly sick whenever a government talks of "investment" after a decade of wasting money on a scale never before seen.
An "investment" is something you expect to see a return on. Now that to most people would mean a financial return to the benefit of the UK as a whole. I can only see the return on Labour "investment" as being votes from client groups, quango rats and grateful bankers to the sole benefit of the Labour Party. Sorry, but rather than pay Labour for that privilege through my taxes, I'd rather cut out the middleman, spend it down the pub and piss it up the wall myself.
Labour just don't get "investment". It's great to have things like nice school buildings, but really why are they beating their heads against a wall wondering why education hasn't really improved? It's because running a country involves doing much more than hosing money at things and installing your equally stupid and incompetent mates in positions of authority.
Is it not time for Lord snake Mandelson to retire and write a book which could be entitled,
'How I Mortgaged My Life'.

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