Thursday, 18 February 2010

It's just astonishing that anyone would vote Liebour - you know - the party where labour doesn't work under Liebour.

Whilst it is true that unemployment has risen in the past couple of years the fact is that yellow streak Brown's overgenerous benefits system has always encouraged people who could work to stay at home.
Why get out of bed and venture into the cold morning if you already live well?
Frank Field could, and would, have brought this under control 12 years ago but that was not what yellow streak Brown wanted, so Frank had to go.
What sense is it to admit 3 million plus immigrants whilst we have that number unemployed? What (prudent) economic sense is it to spend billions on dole and let the employed foreign workers send much of their earnings out of the country?
Imagine what these figures will look like when the public service non-jobs created by liebour fall foul of the austerity measures that will most certainly be employed by whichever party wins the election. Real unemployment is however much much higher. Disability benefit masked hundreds of thousands of people who are really unemployed but have minor physical ailments that categorise them as being disabled. This is a ploy that liebour introduced soon after coming to power. It really is about time that the general public ditched yellow streak Brown and his dishonest rabble.

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