Saturday, 20 February 2010

A future fair for all - vote Conservative.

Yellow streak Brown will appeal to former Liebour voters today to forgive his past mistakes and return to the fold under the party’s election slogan of “A Future Fair for All”.
Yellow streak Brown has made too many errors to forgive and haven't we heard this kind of stuff before? Yellow streak Brown promising to try his utmost, admitting he could do better, etc? He always seemed to want more time to set out his vision for the future, and instead of doing that, always ended up wanting even more time, promising to do better, and so on. Yellow streak Brown has wreaked our economy he has no economic plan other then tax and spend. I don't know how bad all this is going to get but after the election I think we are all in for a shock, yellow streak Brown knows there is going to be a double dip so he may call the election sooner, does he think we are all stupid, forgive him not a chance
He's not up to the job; and Liebour have repeatedly failed to sack him as their leader. The whole party is a failure.
"For a future fair for all" - vote Conservative.

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