Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Watching PMQ's today its fairly obvious that he is going to lie at the Chilcot enquiry.

Yellow streak Brown was yesterday accused of putting troops at risk by 'guillotining' the defence budget months after the invasion of Iraq. Sir Kevin Tebbit spoke of a 'crisis period' when yellow streak Brown - who was then Chancellor - slashed spending by £1billion six months after the invasion in March 2003.
Once again yellow streak Brown has lied to the British people.
This is the story of yellow streak Brown who repeatedly cut defence spending under contrary advice. Yellow streak Brown has the deaths of troops on his hands it was him and only him that cut the defence budgets and prevented a defence review for future war.
Having watched him today at PMQs I am once again disgusted by his total failure in being able to answer a question. At last it has been proved by more than half a dozen highly placed administrators that yellow streak Brown ordered defence cuts.......Cameron accused him today at PMQs and he denied it again........the man is just in denial and should crawl away in disgrace after May 6th. It'll no doubt be the same when he comes before the Chilcot enquiry and the only question he'll most likely answer honestly will be to confirm his name.

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