Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Inflation up, fuel up, VAT scam back and The Governor of the Bank of England has to write a letter of explanation to dumbledorf Darling.

Dumbledorf Darling said to yellow streak Brown "don't worry it's all going to plan, with our massive public debts, the central banks are printing away to monetising (inflating away) the debt."

It is amusing that Mervyn King has to "explain" to dumbledorf Darling why inflation has exceeded the 2% target, when the increase is almost entirely due to dumbledorf Darling's own actions - the rise in VAT which actually adds just under 2.2% - the rise in petrol duty, the weakness of the pound because of profligate government spending and money-printing.
Yellow streak Brown has damaged the UK social, financial and moral capital more than the Germans in World War 2 and any other politician in 100 years.
Yellow streak Brown has ruined the UK private pensions, sold UK reserves and taken on vast off-balance-sheet debt to be paid by our children and their children. On the production side, he made the UK depend on City money and non regulation. He is bust and irresponsible.
Like a third world dictator yellow streak Brown fiddled the measures so RPI changed to CPI to allow him to claim inflation is low, as it excluded 'non-essentials' like food, housing, and fuel. He is effectively a lying cheat, but hides it in fine print, and moving goalposts.

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