Monday, 1 February 2010

Clare Short. Famous only for being the first ZaNuLabour rat to desert the sinking ship?

Yellow streak Brown was “pre-occupied with other things” during the run-up to the Iraq war and was neither for nor against the conflict, a former Cabinet ally said yesterday.
Clare Short represents the pious, hypocritical, Holier-than-thou wing of the Labour Party and I can't stand her.
Yellow streak Brown represents the Me-first, last-and-everything-in-between mob and I can't stand him either.
The problem now with Labour is that everything they do has to be treated with cynicism.
Why, after a relative wilderness, does Short step forward to imply yellow streak Brown had no opinion on Iraq? Short says of yellow streak Brown “...was neither for or against the conflict.” ? No opinion? Everyone in the country had an opinion!
If Clare Short is right then she has exposed again the lack of courage shown by yellow streak Brown on so many occasions when the chips are down.
If he felt so strongly that the war was wrong then he should have had faith in his long-term political position and resigned. That action, in itself, might have brought Bliar to book and avoided what turned out to be a catastrophe for Britain's position in the middle east.

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