Sunday, 31 January 2010

Do we really have this bloke running the Country?

Sensational claims that yellow streak Brown has physically attacked his staff in a series of outbursts in Downing Street - and once in America - have rocked the Government.
Clearly, you have bullied your staff because you have done the same to the nation as a whole. You and Bliar bullied the UK into illegal wars and much else that, was not to Britain's benefit. That is why you now have to announce elevated security arrangements.
Your time as Chancellor was a disaster. You produced the biggest Boom and Bust this country has ever seen. Your time as Prime Minister has been worse. The country is now over regulated, over taxed and bankrupt. Anyone with honour would have resigned when their own party rose up against them.
Now the time is coming when we can all vote for one of the newer smaller parties, putting you and the rest of the expense fiddling establishment out in the gutter where you belong and whatever happened to this delusional farce of this yellow streak PM's Presbyterian upbringing? Presumably that's only for use when useful: the norm is incompetence, ducking the issue and bullying. How sad for this hypocrite, who has wrecked Britain's economy and standing in the world, that he can't bully the electorate into being stupid enough to actual vote him in as PM. His term as unelected and unwanted PM has been a sickening disaster. Time is running out fast now!

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