Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Quite right. Iceland believes in the phrase that charity begins at home.

Yellow streak Gordon Brown last night declared diplomatic war on Iceland if it goes back on a pledge to pay the £2.3billion it owes Britain following the banking crisis.The money was handed out by the Treasury to more than 200,000 savers who invested in the collapsed Icelandic online bank Icesave.
AMAZING a country that actually listens to the voice of the people. Rightly or wrongly I find something rather refreshing about that. I say go for people power in Iceland with this referendum! This decision may not financially benefit Britain but this example of democracy is priceless ..... are you paying attention yellow streak Brown, Cameron and all you other so-called democrats, who failed to give us a referendum on the Lisbon treaty?
I hope they have the courage to tell the Imperialistic banking nations where to go!
The whole 20th century banking 'industry' is a sham and a blank slate would do the whole world a great deal of good. Britain's Group Treasurers, Hedge fund managers contributed more than almost any other group in causing the world's economic black hole.
Iceland needs to allocate its meagre resources to its own people first. This exposes the true nature of the gutless morons currently occupying government office in the UK; fierce against weak Iceland, gutless against strong Iran. The people of the UK are behind you not our bully boy, neocon government that has taken all leave of its senses. Your debts obviously need rescheduling and bankruptcy may be a sensible course.
And for goodness sake, stay away from that non-democratic EU.
Well done for embarrassing yellow streak Brown & dumbledorf Darling.

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