Saturday, 2 January 2010

Brillliant - well done yellow streak Brown! Best get her out on the campaign trail pronto.

Harriet Harman will become the public face of Labour's general election campaign as the party looks to shore up its core support.

The deputy leader will host daily televised media briefings and tour television studios.

"Senior strategists believe that Miss Harman will strengthen Labour's appeal to women and middle England voters who are turned off by Gordon Brown"
Are they mad, still drunk after New Year - or maybe secret Tories? Most of the women and men I know, including myself, cannot stand this sanctimonious, patronising, incompetent excuse for a woman.How can she sure she won't be in gaol .........for her drive-on-after-car-accident- sideshow - or has that all been "nudge, nudge,winkywinky....settled with "understanding"?
She is: H ated, A rrogant, R epulsive, M oronic, A bhorrent, N arcissist, piece of work.


  1. That's what Liebour think of middle England, that they would inflict this harpy on us.
    Liebour have divided the UK, neutralized the cities with their welfare and immigration, the only bulwark left to flatten is "middle England"
    Believe me mate, they would nuke middle England, it represents everything they despise as it continues to be, resisting attempts to communize it, by infiltration of councils and creation of City regions to walk all over them.
    The only diffference between Labour and the Soviets is that the latter tended to just use tanks !!

  2. If Labour had another term in office, I'd predict that we'd see tanks being used here, too.

    The delusion within Labour is priceless - they couldn't do a bigger favour for Britain than foist Harpy on the population every day - they're done for! :-D

  3. And yet they are talking about forming an alliance with the Liberals, anything to keep the tories out of power.