Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Don't be fooled by the spirit of 1997

In the Labour parties forthcoming election manifesto they will put forward these 5 promises.

  • Training or further education will be provided for all school-leavers and a job or training for jobless young adults.
  • Suspected cancer patients will receive their diagnosis within one week.
  • The elderly and most vulnerable will receive free personal care.
  • Families responsible for antisocial behaviour will face tough action.
  • The national deficit will be halved in four years through tax rises, spending cuts and growth.
Labour's manifesto isn't worth the paper it's written on.
The last one wasn't, so why should we believe a word in this next one? Once bitten, forever shy.
Yellow streak Brown's credibility has vanished. His self-belief is incredulous and proves he remains in denial.
The lies and smokescreens won't work any more yellow streak Brown. You can promise us the earth but no one believes you.
And the longer you cling to power, and so make this one of the longest (and most tedious) election campaigns in history, the more people will lose patience with you because of it. Almost all of us have already decided how we are going to vote - so just call the election and let's get it over with. Then someone can start sorting out the mess you've got us into.
They will say and do anything to get votes, some people voted for Labour last time because they promised to have a referendum on the EU and they stole mine and many other peoples vote with a lie.
Why is there no mention of immigration Labour have caused a big problem in this country with there open door unchecked immigration policy and all because they wanted to spite the Tories and call them racist when in fact Labour are racist towards British white people.
The man is most certainly a narcissistic clown. His Cabinet colleagues failed too because they squandered three opportunities to rid themselves of the most dysfunctional yellow streak PM in history.
Same old Labour, same old stuff they think we want to hear, same old empty promises.

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