Friday, 22 January 2010

Number 10 was obviously really, really scared of Brown being labelled yellow for not appearing before the election. I wonder why that would be?

Yellow streak Brown may find the going a little harder but only because so little is known about the part he played in the decisions that counted. Of course he signed the cheques but this in itself is not a big deal. I am sure he will reel off a stack of figures to prove that the MOD were not kept short of funds to carry out their responsibilities in Iraq and it is Iraq not Afghanistan that is the remit of this Inquiry. He will persistently explain how he has saved us all from terrorists, made life better for us all, was right in his backing of the wars and how he will go on 'protecting' us all from all harm by going to war with any who do not measure up to his ideals.
There will be no honest answers from yellow streak Brown, like Bliar and Campbell he is a man of few principles who believes in his "divine right" and sees no reason to explain his actions to the electorate. I see him as a dithering, yellow streak u-turning idiot.

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