Friday, 15 January 2010

In yellow streak Brown's world, all you need is borrowing, tax, more law, and more interference. You don't have to compete.

The problem is that the UK is no longer a viable place to invest, obviously the cost of labour is much lower in Hungary but if I was making these decisions for Bosch I would do the same. There is no incentive what so ever for a company to do business in the UK there are no tax breaks and expansion can be a nightmare.
At the time when the plant was built (and maybe also now, taking the weak pound into account) the Welsh labour force was probably an attraction for its skills and low cost. Apparently the skills are also to be had elsewhere at an even lower cost. This is extremely worrying and means that our devaluation of more than 25% vs the Euro was not enough. Perhaps it should have been 50% to cancel our excessive costs? Obviously that means we are paying ourselves too much, which will not be a welcome thought in South Wales or elsewhere.
In countries like Germany the government, banks , education, infrastructure are built around industry and exporting manufactured goods , the UK largely just don’t!
Now Jaguar/ Land Rover is owned by Tata, let’s see how long before the components are manufactured abroad and just assembled in the UK. Do you think the Germans, French, Italians would let Mercedes, Renault and Fiat be bought by a Indian company, I don’t think so.
We need to design develop and manufacture world class products to complement the banking and service sectors.
Our lack of loyalty to our own manufacturing and automotive industries in the UK is coming home to roost.
Labour don't care about unemployment or low wages. More people on the dole and tax credits means more people addicted to Labour's handouts and a vested interest in keeping them in power.
Their safest seats are nearly always in the biggest shit-heaps. That's why they love making up all these public sector jobs; with the destruction of union manufacturing jobs, they created more union government jobs to keep the money coming in. Labour has a vested interest in the destruction of Britain.
Manufacturing did a lot better the last time the Tories were in power than it's done in these last thirteen years.

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