Sunday, 3 January 2010

"Andrew Marr's a Nightmare On Downing Street with yellow streak Brown"
I watched yellow streak Brown being interviewed this morning and rapidly concluded that the man is deranged. He really is like Humpty Dumpty who maintained that words meant whatever he wanted them to mean. I thought Andrew Marr's programme was about serious politics, not a pastiche of "Yes, Prime Minister"
Brown's election strategy is revealed -- Disarm the electorate with COMEDY!
From this premise: All business groups, including the CBI, which has called for greater clarity on how Britain will bring down its £178 billion deficit.
Instead we get this:
The yellow streak Prime Minister said that voters faced a big choice between the Tories' promise of austerity and Labour’s plans to encourage aspiration.
He promised a £218 million loan to support Britain’s World Cup bid in 2018 and a £3,000 incentive to get trainee maths teachers to become “maths leaders".
Yellow streak Brown said that Britain must become a world leader in areas such as biotechnology, low carbon technology, fashion, the creative industries and electric cars.
Yellow streak Brown tried to take control of the interview by expressing displeasure at some of Marr's questions. This betrayed yellow streak Brown's frustration at closer examination.
Overall, yellow streak Brown was unconvincing, appeared ill at ease and just repeated Labour mantras that have been heard a 1000 times before. Nobody believed him, especially when Marr challenged him about his uncounted savings bringing down the massive Government debt of £178 billion. In the 30 minutes yellow streak Brown was interviewed, his Government has borrowed another £14 million pounds to keep going.
What a joker!

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