Saturday, 16 January 2010

Yellow streak Gordon, this is pure comedy surely?

Fairness and aspiration are not polar opposites, in fact they go hand in hand. That insight – that all people have the chance to rise as far as their ­talents take them – remains the driving force behind New Labour today. Written by yellow streak Brown.

You and your Labour government have spent thirteen years hammering the middle classes at every opportunity, thirteen years raiding their pensions, taxing them by stealth, endlessly pillaging soft targets like the motorist, homeowner or pensioner with savings, thirteen years raising National Insurance, the tax on jobs, thirteen years tinkering with and dumbing down education, the only route out of poverty for millions. What a lot of waffle from an unelected, unwanted control freak - roll on the election, it's time for an intelligent change, even your own ministers want to see the back of you.
The Labour party doesn't do aspiration, because clever people don't vote Labour unless they are in the pay of the Labour Party or dependant on them, for example the quango rats, never before have there been so many quangos, achieving so little for the British people.
Mr yellow streak Brown, if the driving force behind Labour were truly to allow full upward mobility to the disadvantaged as well as to members of the Establishment, the tax system would be modified in such manner that it were no longer possible for a poor man to be paying in tax a higher percentage of his income than a rich man.
Experience has shown, Mr yellow streak Brown, that your guarantees are not worth much more. Also, please concern yourself less with telling us what you think the Tories would do and more with telling us what you will do (if elected of course). We can hear for ourselves their policies (if and when they arise) and are adult enough to decide for ourselves who is the least untrustworthy.
You have turned our Parliament into an obscene casino for the self-aggrandisement of our Members of Parliament, whilst the Labour fodder nod through each repressive, authoritarian attack on out Liberties, safe in the knowledge that their flipping homes will make them property millionaires on the backs of the taxpayer. Speaker Martin (Labour) forced to resign for being the worst Speaker in 400 years and then given a Knighthood for this is that what you mean by aspiration!
You were the most incompetent Chancellor and now the most incompetent Prime Minister in living memory.
Please just go away.

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