Sunday, 3 January 2010

Time for a decade of revolt fight to take our country back from the invading hordes of thieves and savages.

Five months to go maybe for this utterly incompetent administration. The whole fabric of the UK has been bastardised by economic mismanagement, social engineering and the electorate have lost faith in the integrity of many in Parliament. Look at the currency, we are the poor man of Europe. Why should the UK have to wait for more months of Zanulabour policies that are going to take even more years of unwinding - please just go now; but Labour is ready to enter a post-election pact with the Liberal Democrats in an attempt to hold on to office, a cabinet minister is reported to have said last night. Lord Adonis, the transport secretary, lavished praise on Nick Clegg, the Lib Dem leader, describing him as “very capable”.
Voters must not allow themselves to be wooed by such siren voices. In any such pact Labour would necessarily be the senior partner, this would effectively mean a further disastrous five years of Labour Policy. This country cannot, realistically survive another five months never mind years of this inept and incompetent Government. They have to be cleared out and a total change of policy and direction implemented, and whether you love them or hate them the only Party likely to give that is the Tories.
If you want more of the same vote Labour or Lib Dem if you want change vote Tory.

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