Monday, 11 January 2010

Vote for Liebore's 'aspiration'

Yellow streak Gordon Brown talks about 'aspiration', but Prescott found out the hard way what his government did for aspiration - smothered it under the cossetting blanket of the state, when all they should have been thrown was a lifeline.
Until this society starts to reward hard work, starts to pay decent wages for the shit jobs, starts to sort out the horrific housing price problem, you're going to continue to breed this growing underclass - stuck firmly forever on state support from cradle to grave, and passing on their hopelessness to the next generation.
I read a statistic the other day which says that we have more people on incapacity benefit today than at the end of world war 2.
This is not what the post war generation envisaged would be the role of the welfare state in the future. It was supposed to be there as a safety net, not something that sucks the life out of millions of people. Seriously if this was Germany in 1946 Liebore would be telling us to vote for Hitler, "come on the Nazis might have made a few mistakes but they just need another chance"
Liebore are war criminals, who have brought this country to the brink of collapse, have cost the lives of 100s of our soldiers and 100s of thousands of innocent foreign civilians. Made our poor poorer and given rights to violent criminals whilst persecuting the law abiding.
They have presided over deliberately uncontrolled immigration which has destabilised our working class society.
Liebore will hopefully be out of power for at least a generation, I say to Bliar, yellow streak Brown and Liebore that I hope someday there will be a trial for all your crimes against the British People.

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