Monday, 4 January 2010

Everyday I see a statement regarding events abroad with the words 'Brown agrees funding' Would someone tell me where is the money coming from?

Lying, just comes naturally to me.
Well its only spin, isn't it!

Amongst the initiatives the yellow streak PM has agreed with President Obama is US-UK funding for a special counter-terrorism police unit in Yemen,' the statement said, adding that the plans had 'been discussed in a series of phone calls since the failed plot'.
But that was exposed as spin yesterday when yellow streak Brown was asked in a TV interview whether he had spoken to Mr Obama. He replied: 'Not directly.' Yet again he's been caught LYING, why on earth does he do that? Because he's the son of manse vicar?
It's always a knee jerk reaction from yellow streak Brown. He always thinks that by throwing money at problems, it will automatically solve that problem. Has he ever looked at how the countries like Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan actually function. They are ruled by tribal war lords. The people are very poor and have no individual strengths to act against any insurgents, however the governments must know these fanatics are in the country and are planning their attacks. Throwing money at the Yemeni government will not solve the problem, most of the funding will end up in the mountains in the laps of the war lords. If you look at all the causes he has thrown our tax payers money at, like the Schools, NHS, Overseas aid, Africa,Iraq and Afghanistan. Not one has actually been of any use.
I would suggest that yellow streak Brown and any future 'Leader' of our Country look toward what is actually happening within the UK with Muslim Radicals and sort that 'little' problem out before it gets much 'bigger' and much more of a 'real' problem to the Security of our Country!


  1. It's about time he got himself a mandate from the British people to give all our money away to strangers with whom we have no ties whatsoever.
    The way he keeps going on and won't even tell us when we can have our election is making me a very angry man indeed!
    He won't call an election because he doesn't effing want one !!

  2. This is what happens when democracy fails, as it has in this country, Brown was not elected into office, so ergo, does not think he should be elected out of office, he came to power by bloodless coup and has been an unelected Premier now for 3 years doing what the bloody hell he wants because he's got the power.
    People will say Major, but Major faced the electorate within 2 years, this guy will do anything to avoid being ousted in an election, there is no limit to the evil of this twisted megalomaniac.

  3. Sean, I couldn't agree with you more than what you wrote above. It really makes me sick everytime I hear yellow streak Brown talk or see his face on the TV, in fact I really hate him.