Monday, 25 January 2010

After yellow streak Brown this man is a traitor to his Party, his Voters and his country. He is a disgrace to Britain and the human race.

Tony Bliar is to be paid at least £200,000 by a City firm accused of profiteering from the financial crisis that brought Britain's banks to their knees.
Here we go again!
In the very week the toothless Chilcot Inquiry is investigating this man's responsibility in starting an illegal war in Iraq - leading to the deaths of tens of thousands of fellow human beings - Holy Tony I - aka The Smirking Crock of shit - is once again filling his boots.
No matter how much money Bliar accumulates, he will never be able to buy a clear conscience. Untrustworthy Bliar and yellow streak Brown will always be synonymously connected with being the most greedy, untrustworthy pair of PMs in history.

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