Thursday, 7 January 2010

It is only a backhanded way of giving yellow streak Gordon Brown a vote of confidence!

Hewitt and Hoon - what a combination! I am thinking Wife Swap, I am thinking property development shows, I am thinking a useless coup against a largely unpopular Prime Minister. No use, without any potential, but entertaining to watch.

I consider wanker Hoon the worst Defence minister ever that this nation has ever produced bar none. I wouldn't place this man in charge of a barbie doll, never mind a nation or even to organise a vote. He is the ultimate in incompetence. How the hell he's survived as a serious politician is beyond my wit. Hoon, you're welcome to the shell of what the Liebore party used to be, enjoy it's ongoing self destruction with you at the helm.
The liar yellow streak Brown will not be quaking in his shoes as HE knows that all he has to do to stop the rebellion is to call a General Election right now! Nobody will survive the public's anger for the past 13 years and the expenses fiasco will haunt many and come back to 'bite' them after the new government gets in including Buff Hoon.
It's not yellow streak Browns fault alone. It's the whole party! They have lied, cheated and fiddled us. They have started wars which we the public and some brave forces in Afghanistan and Iraq have paid for with their lives. They have taxed us beyond our means and when they couldn't tax us openly they did it by stealth.They have over populated this country to further their own political motives without a care in the world as to whether it will affect our standard of living as their standard of living is protected by their illegal use of the expenses system.
I can't wait until they lose their jobs and have to come out to the real world that they created and we have suffered under. I really hope no company gives any of them a job. Let them starve under their own social system that they created.


  1. Excellent post Oliver, it comes across how much loathing you have for these utter frauds, this is the worst bunch of thieving crooks we've ever had, headed by someone who has no human qualities at all, a slimy creep who hates us but sucks up to foreigners. He won't call an election, he'll have to be deposed, he is just like all the other Communists of history, and it rhymes with a shunt!

  2. Sean, yes your right when yellow streak Brown actually goes and gets himself elected to something and stops hiding,ducking and diving like the pathological liar and twister he seems to be then he will have the right to lead the UK.
    After all its not a proper government is it?

  3. They haven't even gritted the roads, this is the first government I've known that can't put salt on the icy snowed up roads, how does that fit in with their crazed, demented 'elf n safety.
    We are in a state of paralysis with a non functioning government headed by a useless cretin whose only purpose for breathing is to go on being PM for ever.