Tuesday, 5 January 2010

One word can sum up the Liebore lot HYPOCRITE'S!

" Mr dumbledorf Darling published a 150-page dossier claiming the Tories had made a series of uncounted tax cuts and spending commitments. Prepared with the help of Treasury civil servants..."
Why on earth is he using public servants to mount a political campaign?
Oh that's right, because Liebore are morally and financially bankrupt and can't help telling lies, er, sorry spin.
The Liebore government is now trying to convince us that somebody else has been running and governing this country for the passed 13 years since 1997 and this lot would do it differently. I don't think so; Mr dumbledorf Darling is just another self interested politician, like the plastic Tony Bliar and incompetent yellow streak Gordon Brown.
Do you know what amazes me more, some body keeps voting for Liebore even though they know that everything they have been told is lie. Same old Liebore, committed to wasting public services and money. Committed to taxing and spending our way to oblivion. Sometimes I think they are making things even worse because they think it will hamper the Tories chances of getting a second consecutive term in power.That's also ripe coming from ZaNu liebore who have managed to get us into the perilous state we now find ourselves in. More mud slinging from yellow streak Brown and his goons with his famous "end to boom and bust" and his"prudence". Although we are well and truly in the mire thanks to yellow streak Brown's policies and this inept Liebore government I cannot help but hardly conceal my own smirk (as opposed to yellow streak Brown's) when it becomes even more evident that Liebore just make things up. They seem to pick figures and ideas out of a hat hoping that some of their mud will stick.
I just hope that the majority of the electorate will not be bamboozled by Liebore lies and spin. They would not know the truth even if it were staring them in the face.
As for those who enjoy politics in the way they enjoy sitcoms, sit back and enjoy the ride! It's going to get even dirtier by May.

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