Friday, 29 January 2010

"Unrepentant, unforgiven, Bliar says: ‘I’d do it again’"

A victory for Bliar and the Establishment machine?
It might seem like it right now but not in the longer term. Bliar has certainly walked over the inquisitors and they lay down in front of him to let him do it. A consumate display by the master and a cringeing, fawning surrender from the panel... Yes, and much more besides. But I suspect that Bliar's final comments were misjudged and will return to haunt him."Unrepentant, unforgiven, Bliar says: ‘I’d do it again’" Hubris took over. What the public will recall from his appearance is that he showed not the slightest degree of regret or remorse for the Iraqis and British soldiers who died. Whether you were for or against the war, this was heartless and unforgivable. And this is what he will be remembered for.

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