Sunday, 10 January 2010

Dumbledorf Darling never mind Liebore Cuts can we just cut Labour!

I blame Labour and no one else. Dumbledorf Darling can say what he wants - sterling will be hammered by the continuation of QE which I expect to be in place for at least the whole of 2010 and possibly a few years more. If not, the IMF will ride to the rescue again, in the echoes of the 70s. Back to the Future with Liebore!

Rarely have I seen such incompetence in a group of people as that displayed by the yellow streak Prime Minister and his cabinet over the last few years.
Only six months ago he was calling Cameron Mr 10 %. It now appears that Liebore might be anticipating cuts of 17% in certain areas
Yellow streak Brown is the most financially incompetent person to have ever run Britain's finances. His denials of the truth, blatant lying and clueless attacks on others confirm he should not be allowed to ever see or act upon Britain's finances again.
When the true figures are uncovered after the election I think a huge cover up by yellow streak Brown and his cohorts will be revealed and that we will probably be at least two times worse off than we think we are.
It also appears there is a high probability we will lose our AAA status next year and our loans will therefore cost even more. Leading to further misery for all.
I doubt anyone knows what the answer is to the problems Liebore have caused but I know one thing for sure and that is that yellow streak Brown is NOT the man to solve this problem and his cabinet should never be allowed to hold positions of responsibility ever again.
If by some act of moronic stupidity (which is possible in benefit ridden Britain) yellow streak Brown is returned as PM then God help all of us.
The biggest area of spending is Social spending, Frank Fields tried to get it under control years ago but that wasn't "popular" and he got ignored. Poor old Frank he'd be better off joining George Galloway at the Respect party!
We now have 2.7 million claiming incapacity benefit so we had a major clamp down which resulted in a 20,000 increase in claimants. Real scary!
Second biggest area of spending is Health and although it often delivers a poor service, we are able to pay GPs and consultants the best salaries in Europe.
The NHS came 14th place in a Europe wide survey, the results of which were immediately denounced by NHS managers, well they would, wouldn't they.
Then comes Education which has also had billions thrown at it but it seems to have been a huge dumbing down exercise. We're told standards have never been higher but discipline has never been lower in many schools. Spin, spin and more spin.
Powerful civil service unions have squeezed too much money out of the government when it comes to pay rises, this should be reversed. Some of our overpaid civil servants should be getting big pay cuts and as for bonuses, what's all that about?
However good old yellow streak Brown wanted delay the pain until just after the elections, I wonder why?

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