Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi, the jailed Lockerbie bomber is still alive after 6 months.

He was released by Kenny MacAskill with only 3 months to live back in August last year but now 6 months later he is living as a free man.
Having followed the Libyan story from the awful Lockerbie disaster to the release of Megrahi, it is time for a full public enquiry. This smacks of the biggest lie and cover up since the Guildford four. The haste to find any culprit to punish to show a fast response to the world. We know it has got be Iranians retaliating for the Americans shooting down one of their planes. We were to cowardly to accuse them of this crime. Now we see the true hatred coming from Iran and their strutting arrogance to the world.
We need the truth about the investigation and how the evidence was gathered to convict Megrahi;or will this be another yellow streak Brown and liebour lie?


  1. Hello. I agree it was Iranians acting through the same PFLP-GC cell, with the same altimeter bombs "thwarted" in October '88, and the Libyans were framed. Some kind of cohesive, semi-powerful inquiry is definitely in order.

    As for the culprits, Iran ... (sigh) I've got no answer anyone can accept. It's really pretty tricky stuff, if you're not just mindlessly bent of extracting revenge after revenge...

    Anyway, people can learn more about the frame-up and a bit about what probably DID happen at my new site:


  2. Adam, thanks for your comment and so far your the only one still up for the challenge. It now appears all of the UK and media have forgotten Megrahi and Lockerbie.
    Good luck with lockerbiedivide!