Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The Tories would ruin Britain? And this guy's an MP? He should know that his bunch of scum-sucking socialist swine have done that job long ago.

Well, the term ' scum sucking ' clearly applies equally to some MP's from both the Labour & Conservative parties, in addition to others, in the Westminster parliament.
Regardless of your affiliation, you have to agree that David Wright's account of events is not a particularly ennobling one.
At best, he's a hapless victim in a plot so Machiavellian that many people have already concluded it as implausible and branded him a liar.
An intermediate position is that he is a hopeless security risk with any password protected data.
At worst he is a liar..... and if that is the case it really should carry a heavy price for his position.
I don't particularly mind an MP using language like this. I'm not sure it's laudable but it's hardly the end of the world. I'd much rather our politicians were in the habit of openly loathing each other instead of giving each other standing ovations.
But what I do mind is an MP who doesn't even have the balls to own up to something as trivial as this. His immediate reaction on being caught out is to tell a lie so transparent that a nine year old would be unconvinced by it. How little dignity and self-respect is it possible to have? To say nothing for what this shows he thinks of the rest of us. Is expecting an MP to be a man and own up for what he's said really so much to ask?

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