Friday, 19 February 2010

Yet 30% of the country would still vote for him, God help us!

I am no longer young, and I thank God I am not when I observe the state of politics and the media today.
This was awful, truly awful, and any thinking person who doesn't agree, irrespective of party allegiance, needs psychiatric help.
Yellow streak Brown and his government have made a complete and utter mess of running this country, they have poured billions down the drain in the pursuit of what has turned out to be mediocrity and failure.
Our schools are failing, the infrastructure is a disaster, criminality is rampant in our towns and cities, people over fifty are frightened of going out at night in city centres overflowing with drunken morons, the economy is in tatters as the government presides over the biggest collapse in modern times.
'No more boom and bust,' said our great yellow streak leader, blaming the current debacle on everyone but himself and his minions. They have been irresponsibly borrowing for years with no thought for the consequences, they took the public along with them, now millions are up to their neck, and the bailed out banks won't lend them anymore as they need our cash for bonus payments.
Millions are receiving letters from credit card companies and banks slashing their credit limits, and calling in loans and overdrafts, using the excuse that as responsible lenders they have duty to make sure people don't spend beyond their means.
Can these be the same institutions that bankrupted themselves with reckless lending, the same banks who would not now be in existence without government or Arab help?
They survived because they couldn't be allowed to fail, the very fabric of this rotten society would have gone down with them.
So we quantitatively ease our way out for the present, hoping nobody will realise the scale of future problems until after this farce of an election, and that lies and confidence tricks will work the oracle till then.
And in the midst of all this, our yellow streak Prime Minister turns up on television to answer inane questions from a grubby snake oil salesman, in the vain hope that people will see his human side, and begin to realise that he is just a decent chap who has been misunderstood. It was a dreadful spectacle for anyone with an ounce of pride in his country to watch.
Yellow streak Brown won't have his home repossessed, or his credit card or overdraft cancelled, when he loses his job, he will make a million or two from revealing all about his catastrophic tenure as yellow streak Chancellor and unelected yellow streak Prime Minister, maybe not as much as the previous incumbent, but enough to keep the wolf from the door,and he probably won't feel a scintilla of shame for the havoc he leaves behind him.
Did I mention his bunch of thugs? Well again the absolute ruthlessness with which his acolytes destroyed potential competitors is writ large in the history of the Liebour Party. The strutting arrogance of Balls, McBride, etc. All there with the approval of their master to brief and lie about potential competitors.
Liebour had a chance to make this country a better place, instead we have a population more fearful of the future, more controlled than ever before, groaning under the weight of debt, more laws, rules and regulations made up by the new army of useless eaters swelling the ranks of the public sector.
We are becoming a cowed nation of mindless slaves, and I fear it is too late to turn the tide, we are so dumbed down.
I really hope I am wrong.

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