Saturday, 13 February 2010

Pass me the sick bag. Let's not get kidded by this emotional claptrap, let's talk about how he and his chronic government have ruined this country.

The interview by Morgan of yellow streak Brown is the most discreditable emission of TV journalism I have ever had the misfortune to witness on the BBC/ITV news last night. Yellow streak Brown for his stupidity to allow himself to lay bare personal tragedy for political ends and Morgan to rebuild his popularity by capitalising on the weakness of a yellow streak PM willing to prostitute his innermost feelings in the run up to an election.
Piers Morgan "this is Darcy stuff", you couldn't make this junk up, Sarah had to pursue yellow streak Brown until he finally gave in and married her but only because he had the top job in his sights and being a married man would look better.
Yellow streak Brown is as much like Mr Darcy as a half chewed caramel and I rather think Piers Morgan was taking the proverbial especially when he said plonker instead of WANKER.
I have every sympathy for someone who tragically loses a daughter, when politicians suddenly change tack before an election it is immensely suspicious.
Whilst it could be considered vulgar to write off the unavoidable strength of his sentiment, the timing of this topic, nine years after his baby's death, does appear undeniably cynical and one could easily speculate yellow streak Brown has used this to appeal to the less astute members of the voting public - you know, the ones who don't actually understand that MPs are there to write law and execute policy..... the ones who regard OK / Hello / Red Tops as 'The News'.
This will backfire when the interview comes to screen, people are so hardened against this unelected man and what he has done to this country that no tell tales about their fairytale romance (he was in his 50's and popped the question when he thought the PM's job was coming up coincidentally so hardly Gone with the Wind stuff ) or weeping openly will make a jot of difference.
This smacks strongly of "Go out on TV and get emotional, show them you're human, you need the votes".

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