Friday, 5 February 2010

It wasn't a "tiny minority" of them caught on the fiddle, it was over half.

About half of our MPs have been required to pay money back. They are the careless or immoral ones. They did not break the law. They claimed what was within the letter of the regulations, but was against the spirit. Or, they made claims that should have been disallowed by the officials policing the regulations, who failed to disallow them. "Dishonourable" is the word. Some have already resigned or will do so at the next election. I hope that the rest get their just deserts from their electorates.
These few are the ones where the CPS believes there is evidence to prove that they deliberately lied to obtain money to which they were not entitled. Deliberate deception, rather than legally milking the system.
I hope the tax payer will not in any way be funding their legal team. To hide behind a 1689 legal clause smacks of desperation. Hopefully back in 1689 someone would have sorted them out with swift justice.
I watched the Jim Devine interview on C4 news on Friday evening. The guy seemed ignorant of basic law, common sense and the English language.
If he is representative of the current crop of MPs this country is well and truly screwed.
If there is any question at all of their honesty, the people involved should be suspended immediately from Parliament pending investigation, as they would be in the real world not back in 1689. Enough of this Alice in Wonderland stupidity. This is a country they are misgoverning, not a nursery game. If the erratic and increasingly dysfunctional yellow streak Brown had any inner strength whatsoever he would suspend these three MPs pending the outcome of the judicial process.
After 46 years playing along with the now disgraced customs of Parliament I am not holding my breath.
Get the whole lot out at the election. They hold us in contempt and live in a parallel universe.


  1. I seem to remember a bumper sticker that read something like "Get your MP working for you .... vote him out" It was funny then but more like a good idea now.