Monday, 15 February 2010

Yellow streak Brown just proved how low he will go, how far he will sink into the gutter, if he thought it would give him one more vote.

First we had Flash Gordon, then Mr Bean. Now we have Desperate Dan. It's about time this unelected, incompetent bag of wind realised we are not interested in him or his ideas. He has rapidly acquired a reputation for attempting to mislead the public akin to that of the habitual liar who infested 10 Downing Street prior to his arrival.
Thank goodness that I am not the only one who hates the site of yellow streak Brown's face. When his face appears in the media I want to smack it. He is a traitor to the British people through his ratifying the Lisbon Treaty and selling us out to the EU.
As for his tears on Morgan's show, I don't give a damn because he is playing for sympathy votes. He is not the only parent who has lost a young baby. It happens all the time and the majority of people just get on with their lives and don't wallow in self pity.
Roll on the General Election and let us hope that he gets a hard kick out of the Downing Street door. He is the most loathsome yellow streak PM that I can remember and there have been quite a few in my lifetime.

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