Sunday, 21 February 2010

If yellow streak Brown and his crew win then God help us all.

What crime, what injustice, what obscenity does Liebour have to commit to lose the support from the British people. It seems that their open-door immigration policy, funded by the British people, is paying off. The millions of poor, uneducated, unhealthy immigrants are now serving their sponsor - the Liebour party. For the rest of us, life has changed - our society has changed. During the last 13 years we have seen the quality of life in the UK decline, crime and general lawlessness ravage our society and the backbone of our economy stretched and abused beyond endurance! We have "welcomed" hundreds of thousands of people to our country whose well being and comfort is accommodated ahead of our own and at our expense! We have been saddled with staggering levels of debt that will take many generations to eradicate! We have been railroaded into accepting further cession of our sovereignty to the EU, with powers vested in unelected bureaucrats in Brussels to decide how we go about our lives! And so the list goes on!
The problem with yellow streak Brown is nobody believes a word he says. He is a devious bastard that has the worst track record in history. 13 years of this incompetent will not wash away his abysmal record.
He has done untold damage to the people of this country. He abandoned the working class and now tries to fool the middle class. He is kidding nobody but himself and his deluded supporters. The cold hard reality is a legacy of more unemployed over 13 years, progressively fewer job opportunities for those entering the job market, and very little assistance from the banking sector to help small business survive and homeowners re-finance their homes, despite their pledges of help in return for state bailouts funded with our money (or at least what we will eventually have to pay anyway a la the national debt!)! Is this what you call vision and a testament to a good track record?
Yellow streak Brown has ruined our pensions, ruined our savings, ruined our jobs, ruined our economy and ruined our standard of living.....and yet he won't admit to all these disastrous mistakes, he remains in denial and refuses to acknowledge he is the worst yellow streak PM in history. The country is desperate for change and needs it now.
As he is so superior and likes kicking the Tories, call a General Election....only 74 days to go...unless you know otherwise Mr yellow streak Brown.

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