Sunday, 7 February 2010

I've seen that sort of behavior before. It happens when liars get all their lies mixed up and can't remember which one they are sticking to.

Fake phony snake Campbells pathetic crocodile tears really were a crock of shit in his phony staged emotional outburst on the BBC was as awful as a cheap Mexican soap opera - neither of them can lie in any convincing way. Are the tears from all Liebour politicians their new strategy for the coming election!
Yellow streak Brown and snake Campbell should save their tears for the servicemen and women who have lost their lives in this illegal war in Iraq and Afghanistan. When the families of the dead soldiers see this display by these two deceitful men I am sure they must feel very angry. So, first we had yellow streak Brown and wife shedding tears while being interviewed by their great pal and sympathiser Piers Morgan - and now we have another snake Alistair Campbell following suit - because the lies and spin that took us to war, and lost hundreds of British lives, have finally been exposed. Maybe the tears of yellow streak Brown and snake Campbell are because they have only 88 days left in Downing Street?
Liebore has failed this country as it always has done. In fact socialism fails all countries. Look at Greece, Portugal and Spain - all with socialist governments and all spent up. Can anyone name a prosperous socialist country? Its a failed ideology that should be condemned to history. If the British people fall for these blubbering liars one more time I think we will be doomed.
This Liebore Party has let the working people of the UK down they have let the pensioners down, they have lied and lied to save their own selfish skins, come May 6th I hope every single one of them is blubbering.

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