Friday, 26 February 2010

Labour have failed on the economy and Brown is borrowing £277,719 every minute to hide his economic failure - Labour has doubled the national debt.

Liebour are the party of economic failure because of yellow streak Browns policies. There is no help for people back into work and I have witnessed huge debts servicing debts.
Don't try telling me how bad it was in the early 1990s as some sort of fig leaf for yellow streak Brown. It will not work - yellow streak Brown made economic policy to help him into number 10. That is all he has ever been interested in doing. Yellow streak Brown does not give a monkeys for people who suffer from his stupid policies, yellow streak Brown has no qualifications in economics, business or finance. You could train a chimp to make better decisions than yellow streak Brown. Him going on about the Tories will not wash - what are Liebour going to do about the mess they have created? Yellow streak Brown wants to keep on spending, the real private economy continues to suffer from yellow streak Browns command economy where only Liebour voters and members of Liebour pressure groups get a look in at work.

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