Thursday, 31 December 2009

Don't worry, yellow streak Brown the clown will be spinning right out of no 10 in a few months, and hopefully for many years.

The Queen said of 2009 that it was a year "to forget rather than one to remember". It was in fact a disastrous decade and will always be associated with New Labour. In particular yellow streak Brown, the archetypal socialist spend-and-tax Chancellor, bears responsibility for the deranged economic policies that have plunged us into the most serious recession since the 1930s.

On the subject of the MP's my last word for 2009 is:
If you want good people to stand, you need brutal, savage criticism of the crooks we have now. We need to clean the stables. We need the old, corrupt ones from ALL sides to be swept away. Once we get a new crowd, they will not feel guilty by association. If even a few of the crooks survive, no-one clean will want to join.
They have proven themselves to be nothing other than a bunch of unprincipled, thieving, corrupt, grasping, lowlife scum bags. The scale of their rapacity, dishonesty, greed, avarice, corruption and desire to rape the public purse has been of jaw-dropping dimensions.
The election in the new year will hopefully sweep away these miserable thieves who have sucked on the public teat for far too long and purge our political system of these corrupt miscreants.


  1. Happy New year - here's to a better one.

    Clara x

  2. Bring it on, that's what the new year means to me, that Brown will be out soon, 10 seemed to take forever to arrive, but the months will fly, soon be Feb, then April when I'll be off on my hols, then May when the cowardly cretin will be forced to call an election which he doesn't want.
    If the Idiot could cancel the election he would!

  3. Clara, a Happy New Year to you as well; as Sean says Bring it on!