Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Labour supporters among my friends are hugely embarrassed by the performance of yellow streak Brown and his bunch of inadequates.

Speaking after news emerged of the 100th British soldier to die in Afghanistan this year, he said his relations with the Government had been “frustrating” not just over Afghanistan but over “considerably out-of-balance” defence budgets over several years.
General Sir Richard Dannatt's comments about yellow streak Brown are a damning indictment to go along with what the rest of the population have known for many years.
The man is so thick skinned that it’s almost beyond belief. The sooner you disappear into political oblivion yellow streak Brown the better. If this country never see’s you again it will be too soon.
Listen, lives are being lost because of this man. No one gives a damn about that except the people and the families of our fallen hero's. And if yellow streak Brown understood anything he'd have wondered why top brass were so exasperated they had no choice but to resign. All he thinks about is money which he hasn't got, he just likes to spend our taxes. Everything he says always has to do with the economy. He has betrayed our nation and is still betraying our troops. He should have had the guts to have taken them out of there a year ago but instead he wanted his picture taken during the Tory conference, that's yellow streak Brown for you. He's void of real feelings. Even the completely UN British way he has robbed our sovereignty with the Lisbon Treaty must tell people he is not a leader for us British. Never has been and never will be and it is the troops and the people who suffer for this sorry excuse.
You are an absolute disgrace to your position of office and hopefully it will be for not much longer!

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