Saturday, 26 December 2009

Desperation, Desperation, Desperation!

Desperation, Desperation, Desperation.

Do the Morons yellow streak Brown and gormless Benn really think that voters are more concerned with the well-being of foxes than the pitiful state of this betrayed and violated country of ours?
They're more than completely deluded. The Labour Government has presided over the greatest period of economic prosperity in living memory, and can now add to that the longest and deepest depression. During the good times, when there was a surplus of cash, Labour spent it all with little or no thought. Nothing was put aside for the inevitable bad times that would follow. Consequently things really haven’t got better as promised and Government borrowing is at an all time high. We are also fighting two wars with no clear strategy other than to keep pouring more troops and money onto the fire.
Against this backcloth making an issue out of hunting, what is at best a poor method of vermin control, is crass in the extreme. Sadly, it seems to me that Labour’s priorities are clearly shown by their past actions in the allocation of parliamentary time to getting the Hunting Ban through and sending troops to Afghanistan.


  1. Morning Oliver, yes nothing changes. let us all stare at something ridiculous and inflate its significance and ignore the drug fuelled body count around us. One thing I don't remember is the good times, I just remember watching him telling us it was good by using Enron style national accounting methods. On the ground it was grim. All he did was hand 30year promissary notes to his corporate handlers with UKplc signature on them. We still have to shell out on these notes even though we are stoney broke.

  2. Incoming, yes your quite right.When I wrote 'the greatest period of economic prosperity' it certainly seemed like that to me! I know that we were living very much off north sea oil revenues and that was liable to run out.
    It was very bad mis-management of all the countrys wealth not so much the method of accounting which was also going wrong.Yes ys Brown and labour has a lot to answer for.