Monday, 7 December 2009

Surely, this is the most evil and incompetent government in the history of western democracy.

The yellow streak prime minister signalled the "beginning of the debate" on how society and the government "relate to each other" as he outlined plans for efficiency savings of an additional £3bn over the next four years and a clampdown on the "culture of excess".

If yellow streak Brown's speech was all about identifying immediate savings, then it is a load of twaddle. Perhaps, the online revolution may save money in the future. I know you have to invest to save, but this will NOT produce immediate savings. Secondly, the real savings he is talking about is replacing people operated processes with computer processes. How many jobs are going to be lost? If there are none, then I fail to see where the savings are. Systems like these can't be produced overnight. If they have been in the pipeline for a while then surely the savings have already been factored into previous budgets. So, what has he been doing for the past 12 years? These alleged savings are peanuts compared with the almighty mess we are in. Another case of yellow streak Brown spin over any real substance.
It takes someone as financially incompetent as yellow streak Brown - the man responsible for taking us to the brink of bankruptcy - to consider that 3 billion in savings is going to solve anything.
The most important thing that has to change is the leadership. Neither he nor his fellow incompetents should be allowed anywhere near the public purse.What a waste of space he is.It all smacks of soundbites to me and pretend politics.

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