Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Bring it on, yellow streak Brown, and give us a chance to finally get your worthless "leadership" out of the way.

The great hope within Liebore circles is that the tightening of the race is a trend that may continue to the point where Cameron is denied any kind of victory.

But yellow streak Brown and New Liebore does not deserve to be given another term, just look at his record:
Unprecedented peace-time erosion of civil rights;
Record national debt;
Selling off gold reserves when gold prices were at a record low;
Claimed credit for growth based on debt and cheap migrant Labour;
Spent while the going was good; no more boom and bust!
UK economy least able amongst our major rivals to pull itself out of recession;
Record tax levels (with further tax rises on the way);
Pensions (fine as long as you work for the Government);
Money pumped into public sector for minimal improvement in services (resources that now have to be re-trenched);
Cash for honours, MPs expenses, cronyism, quango positions for friends, hiding bad news, David Kelly, making serial announcements about spending the same money, class politics, identity politics...the most rotten Government, ever;
The Iraq War;
Runaway immigration (which New liebore have admitted they were relaxed about, because it boosted their core support);
Bad laws on gender, race and religion;
Toadying up to the Muslim Council Of Britain;
Failure to give the British people a say on the Lisbon Treaty;
Delaying the necessary economic medicine until after the election;
And the list goes on and on.
Anybody who looks in to Liebore's record. Liebore will always leave the country in a worse state than they found it.
I've had enough of them.

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