Thursday, 17 December 2009

Gore blimey! So that's where the expression of incredulity originates.

I think we can equate the global warming debacle along the same lines as speed camera's only on a massive international scale. Speed camera's continue to be justified on the basis that they reduce accidents, but the data does not provide evidence to support that. But it is a wonderful source of income.
So, who can argue on a moral basis that we should be allowed to break the speed limit, regardless of if speed is much of a factor in causing the majority of accidents?
On the same basis we are being blackmailed to support the effort to control global warming that too, is being supported by dodgy data. I for one and I know many others, are willing to recycle, take steps to lower energy consumption, do all we can to reduce pollution by using cleaner forms of energy etc etc but we are being conned into believing that man's activity is responsible for causing the planet to warm up. I have yet to see any convincing data that really proves that man's activity has had more than a tiny influence on earths temperatures and if one cares to read our old school science books to remind us that the sun has been responsible for the earth going through multiple cooling and warming cycles over millions of years we may stop to think.
Is it not rather arrogant of us to now claim that we are more powerful than the sun? Al Gore for one, is responsible for perpetuating the biggest confidence trick ever and governments are using this dodgy data as a blunt instrument to extract more of our hard earned money.
Stop the madness I say, and the fact that Copenhagen is going into melt down will hopefully help to stop it and cause us to take a hard look at what is really going on. Meanwhile her son Prince Charles and Gormless yellow streak Brown use private jets to go to a meaningless summit on global warming.
If only the Monarch could take back control from the fraudsters at Parliament until a new regime could be put in place. I take my hat off to you Your Majesty for using the train to Sandringham!

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