Saturday, 5 December 2009

What I can never understand is why are the rest of them just standing back and letting this idiot continue to ruin us.

Yellow streak Brown's decision to strip the Bank of England of its supervisory role caused 'major problems' for the British economy, the head of the American Federal Reserve said yesterday.

Ben Bernanke,US Federal Reserve chairman yestreday blamed yellow streak Brown for the UK's dire economic position centered on the decisions he made when Chancellor!
Yellow streak Brown has only just admitted that cuts was a word he knew the meaning of!
The only thing Labour know how to do is spend, spend, spend and if at first you don't succeed then spend some more. All yellow streak Brown ever does is boast how much more money has been poured into this or that. Labour believe that the more they spend the better things are made. They behaved exactly the same in the 60s and 70s until, just as now, they had run completely out of money, had created a situation where tax revenues were falling as a result of their policies and the sources of borrowing had had dried up out of fear of never seeing their money again.
I don't think Gormless Gordie has any shame at all, never mind embarrassment. Over 12 years he has controlled the economic levers that have once again, in typical Labour fashion, destroyed our well being and will drive away those with wealth creating talent and the aspirations to improve their lot. Together, with yellow streak Brown as a key player, they have destroyed our Constitution, wrecked our schools, ravaged our pensions, abandoned our borders, poured buckets of money down the NHS pit, surrendered our sovereignty to Brussels, lied, spun and smeared their way on a socialist path that has impoverished our Nation and destroyed our manufacturing base. Soon he will be able to reflect long on what a dismal performance he, and his buddies have inflicted on the UK. He will indeed go down in history as the worst chancellor and worst PM ever!
Just as now Labour did their best to shift the blame onto somebody, anybody else they could think of. All that was needed was for others to provide the money so they could spend even more and everything would magically be solved. The only difference this time is that they have really exceeded their past efforts in the massive disaster they have created.


  1. Oliver, a great post, the list of ills these degenerates have visited upon our once proud land is virtually endless.
    They will lose the election, Brown cannot win a general election, he is simply too loathesome as a person, another 5 years of him, I don't think so!
    He can't disguise his hatred for middle England, which is where the battleground is happily.
    If he thought he could win he'd just call an election, that, unfotunately is why we'll have to shut our eyes, grit our teeth and bear the odious ugly mong until the 2nd of June 2010 :)

  2. Sean, thanks for your comments and I agree that Brown should never win a general election.