Friday, 18 December 2009

Get dumbledorf Darling behind bars with all the other traitors and murderers who've wrecked our country.

The two financial Duffers.

The government was accused of "maxing out the nation's credit card" after figures showed that Britain's budget deficit ballooned to a record £20bn in November pushing the national debt to a post-war high.
UK debt downgrade coming, as sure as God made little apples. Thank god the ratings agencies will force the government to do what we are unable to force them to do.
Yellow streak Brown will go down in history as the most fiscally incontinent prime minister in history. Yellow streak Brown badly mismanaged the economy for a decade and if he'd been in any other job would have been sacked for gross incompetence. He will become known as the man that single-handily bankrupted Britain.
The blame for this crisis rests with the:
Bankers being unregulated and allowed to become gamblers.
Liebore believing that you can replace manufacturing with public service jobs.
Liebore for allowing spending to become uncontrolled.
Liebore for allowing self certification mortgages.
Liebore for allowing unlimited immigration at a time of rising unemployment.
Liebore for putting the party before the country.
Yellow streak Brown for having no common sense in virtually everything he does.
OK, the government was not alone in making mistakes, clearly bankers and the public did too, but this government was spending beyond its means for a long time, and it only has itself to blame for that.

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