Monday, 14 December 2009

To think that this man was nearly selected to be E.U President. Pheew! close escape.

The BBC's 'homage to Bliar' yesterday morning featured the most amazing spinning from Alastair Campbell and his master. It was pure Pravda - designed to manipulate public opinion on Bliar. I have to say Fern Britton made me laugh with her "Tony Bliar and George Bush both have a strong faith in God". Yes Fern, so does Osama Bin Laden!
It's Ironic that Tony Bliar believes that we should have got rid of Sadam Hussain at all cost, when in hindsight it was himself that we should have got rid of.
The public should not be misled by this justified attack on Bliar but should also remember that yellow streak Brown was just as much at the centre of the decision and MUST take equal responsibility.
He can't hide just because the election is looming.

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