Wednesday, 30 December 2009

"Recession over, says Gordon Brown" But the yellow streak Brown/Liebore - induced depression continues.

In a determinedly optimistic statement yellow streak Brown will declare tomorrow that the recession is over, say that unemployment will start falling within a year and promise that a “decade of shared prosperity” lies ahead.

He's going to look after the middle income earners. He's going to look after the impoverished whilst encouraging the entrepreneurs. He's going to help home owners by keeping house prices artificially high. He's going to help first time buyers by ensuring house prices fall. He's going to help borrowers by ensuring interest rates remain low and lenders don't have a hope in hell of repossessing properties they own. He's going to help savers by ensuring they never find out how inflation figures are calculated. He's going to wake up one day and wonder where his knighthood is.
What planet does this man live on. The national debt will take a generation to pay back ( if at all ), yet he talks as if there's nothing wrong. This blithering idiot dares to insult us and paint a rosy picture. He is one of two things, deluded, or a scheming liar. I suspect both.
No integrity, no honesty, and everything is done so he can maintain power for himself. And for the time being we're powerless, democracy isn't working.
A change where the voters can force an election under exceptional circumstances is needed.
Surely this level of delusion is justification enough to have him removed and force an election.

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