Saturday, 12 December 2009

Hitler (Brown) Youth seems a reasonable description of them - presumably they grow up to be warmist stormtroopers?

I'm not a scientist and I am still digesting the arguments for and against the thesis that climate change is man-made. But the country is broke and on its knees and the Idiot yellow streak Brown (Hitler) pledges £1.5 billion that we can't spare and haven't got. This global warming religion is getting out of hand, if our politicians believe that man can alter our climate, then he is a bigger idiot that I took him for!
Had I been in Copenhagen, I would have been interested in attending the meeting broken up by those who are already convinced that they and they alone hold the truth. The behaviour of these people is exactly what you would expect from people who have been brainwashed.
As far as I am concerned, shouting people down rather than engaging in reasoned debate is a totalitarian tactic, Hitlerian if you like.
These protesters seem to be possessed by an unshakeable faith.

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