Monday, 14 December 2009

In homage to the,the movie, what do you mean "Flash" yellow streak Gordon is approaching?

I like it when yellow streak Brown continues to make a complete idiot of himself but he doesn't see it. Its look what I'm doing, this will get me votes. Oh dear what a fool. Yellow streak Brown - just for once, put the priorities of this country ahead of your over inflated ego and GET OFF THE WORLD STAGE!

How can there be so many people taken in by the abstract science of CO2 warming the Earth? I would have credited Obama with more sense but gullible yellow streak Brown thinks he can make a name for himself.When the truth finally comes out a lot of Politicians will have a lot of egg on their faces. So, Planetary Leader yellow streak Brown just a note.You might want to keep the rather fetching bullet proof vest and tin hat on tomorrow, just in case someone throws a marble model of 'the Planet' and hits you in the mouth.
While you're about it - take note: If the UK has got any money left then all he's doing is leaving a bankrupt country for someone else to sort out. False promises that someone else will have to break, once he has been exiled forever.
With any luck, all these incompetent cretins flying the Liebore flag will go with him.

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