Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Poor old yellow streak Brown day after day and he still gets up off the mat like a punch drunk boxer, why can't his seconds throw the towel in!

Labour's economic credibility was further damaged today after new figures revealed Britain's economy remains mired in recession.
Compare and contrast, given this little lot, I can't see how anyone else could be a bigger danger to the economy than yellow streak Brown and the Liebore party.

In 1979 the Manufacturing Output of the UK was £84.5bn, it then dropped substantially and by 1982 was £72.4bn. However, by the time Mrs Thatcher left office it had not only recovered to pre-recession level but actually grew to £93.3bn - an increase versus 1979 of 10%.
In the time whilst John Major was PM despite a set back in the early 1990's when he left office, manufacturing had grown still further to reach £97.9bn. Thus in 18 years of Tory government, manufacturing output increased by a total of 15.8%. Whilst over 18 years this is fairly modest growth, it is a direct contradiction of the oft-asserted claim that the Tories destroyed British industry and built a service economy to replace it.
Now let's look at the picture since 1997.
Tony Bliar inherited a manufacturing sector producing £97.9bn of GDP. When he left office in 2007 this had reached £102.2bn, an increase of 4.4%. However, since then the economy has gone into significant recession and the manufacturing GDP figure for 2009 will be circa £89bn.
Thus compared to the 18 years of Tory government that grew the manufacturing base of the UK by almost 16%, the Liebore government in its 13 years of office has reduced manufacturing output 9%.
All PMs have stretched the truth, but yellow streak Brown must surely go down as the biggest liar in political history.

Source: Office Of National Statistics.

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