Monday, 21 December 2009

Yellow streak Brown after your spectacular failure in Copenhagen - I think you've milked this topic for all its worth.

Despite being the first world leader to join the summit, Mr Brown was excluded from the key meeting where the compromise was decided.
However yellow streak Gordon Brown will say tomorrow: "I believe that in 2010 we will need to look at reforming our international institutions"

Yellow streak Brown is obsessed with all things 'global.' Could it be that now the GLOBAL financial quangos are unlikely to be interested in a failed British Prime Minister, he wants to jump on the Al Gore bandwagon for a role in the GLOBAL scam that is climate change when we kick him out of office.
And what is it with failed Socialists. If they can't get their own way through democracy (ie one entity/one vote) they want to change the terms of engagement until they do. Why should countries do what a GLOBAL quango says is necessary to avoid climate change if it is going to destroy their economies.
Yellow streak Brown, before you interfere any more to save the world just remember this:
We,the electorate, believe that in 2010 we will need to remove from office a crass incompetent who has destroyed the UK economy and condemned 1 million, yes, ONE MILLION, youngsters to a lifetime of unemployment.

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